Mia In Atlantic City

Mia in Atlantic City
Kirsten Henri looks deep inside the the depths of Casesars Atlantic City and finds Georges Perrier and partner Chris Scarduzio’s Mia. And although prices may scream casino, the food still says Perrier. The extremely attentive service really stood out. The busboy actually ironed the tablecloth each time he reset the table, setting the stage for an “excellent, although not transcendent” dinner.

The beef carpaccio kicked off the meal in fine fashion.

The main courses “were mammoth and full of the spot-on flavors.” A filet of black bass was “perfect.” fat scallops were “delectable.” The lamb chops didn’t impress as much, and neither did citrus flavors that accompanied the NY strip steak.

But all in all your odds on a good night are higher in a Perrier/Scarduzio restaurant than on the floor of the casino.

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