Maclin: Vick Running With First Team

Jeremy Maclin gave us a peek behind the Chip Kelly curtain Thursday.

Kelly has said that the quarterback competition is wide open, and that very well may be the case. But to start, it’s Michael Vick getting the most work with the first team.

“I mean right now, you’ve got Mike going with the ones,” said Maclin, “and Nick [Foles] sprinkling in some reps here and there.”

The veteran receiver was holding an event at Lincoln Financial Field called “Mother’s Day Miracle,” where five teenagers associated with his foundation presented gifts of appreciation to their moms.

After the event, Maclin talked some football with a group of reporters. Not surprisingly, the subject of quarterbacks came up. Maclin was asked about Matt Barkley being drafted by the Eagles.

“You look at a guy like Mike Vick who has proven himself in this league, a guy like Nick Foles who stepped in last year and had some success to a certain extent. Barkley’s college achievements are off the wall, so he has good guys to learn from,” said Maclin. “I’m sure he is going to have to embrace that. He’s going to go through some ups and downs being a rookie quarterback. But as far as the competition, if there is a competition, if there isn’t, I don’t get caught up in that.”