Travel Alert: 86-Mile Stretch of Pa. Turnpike Closed

Detours were put in place in both directions west of Harrisburg as hazmat crews deal with an overturned truck.


[UPDATE] The eastbound detour was also lifted.

[UPDATE, 12:57 p.m.]: Turnpike officials report that the westbound detour at Breezewood has been lifted:

ORIGINAL: An 86-mile stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike is closed in both directions in Western Pennsylvania due to an overturned truck.

The long stretch, between Exit 75 (New Stanton) and Exit 161 (Breezewood, the Town of Motels), is closed while hazardous materials crews clean up the fuel, antifreeze and fuel leaking from the truck.

There are currently no reports of injuries from the accident.

Detours are as follows:

  • Westbound: I-70 east (Washington, DC) (24 miles) to exit 1A (68/40 West, Cumberland, Maryland) (65.5 miles) to exit 14B (Uniontown) following 40 west to US 119 north (63 miles) to exit 1B (PA Turnpike). Re-enter the PA Turnpike at the New Stanton Interchange (75/Old 8).
  • Eastbound:US 119 south to US 40 east to I-68 east (at Cumberland, Maryland) to I-70 west. Re-enter the PA Turnpike at the Breezewood Interchange (161/Old12).

The road is expected to be cleared later today.

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