John Bolaris Will Buy You A Beer Down the Shore This Summer

The weatherman's latest offer: Mention "Weather Savior" down the shore and the next beer is on him.

We here at Philadelphia magazine are always interested in the trappings of John Bolaris, the Weather Savior. Whether he’s offering a weather concierge service, feuding with Angelo Cataldi or getting rid of High Pressure Harry, John Bolaris has had quite the 2015 so far.

Now comes this offer from Bolaris: If you see him down the shore and mention “Weather Savior,” he will buy you a beer.

Bolaris is already down the shore at Preston & Steve’s summer kick-off party today, so you can probably try it out at any time! It’s not clear if this offer applies only to bars, or if you you can make him fetch you a beer if you see him on the beach or boardwalk.

Still, it’s worth trying out wherever you see Bolaris. It’s a free beer! It can’t hurt to try.