31 Best Philadelphia Tweets of 2014

What made us laugh the most on Twitter this year.

Last year, I named my top 10 Philadelphia tweets of 2013. In 2014, I planned to keep track of my favorite tweets week by week.

Instead, I remembered I should try to compile the year’s best tweets sometime in October. I crowdsourced a few and went back through my favorites, and compiled a list of 31 of my favorite tweets this year. Some were chosen for their newsworthiness, but most were just jokes I liked.

My Favorite Philly Tweet This Year

I Figured I Should Include a Serial Tweet, And This Is The Best One I Found

Existential Truths About Philadelphia






That Time Philly Jesus Got Accused of Smoking Weed by a Quizzo Host, Then Called That Quizzo Host a Liar

Jokes About that Time The Dude Drove That Car Into the River in Mayfair

Shawn Bradley Jokes

Jokes About Mark Sanchez Going to Geno’s After That One Game


And after a loss…

The Lone Athlete Tweet On This List