Mayfair Man Who Intentionally Drove Corvette into Delaware: “What’s the Charge?”

After dumping a Corvette in the Delaware River on Monday, John Kramer sent text to his daughter: "Too late; it's already gone LOL."

A Philadelphia man is on the run from police after he intentionally drove his Corvette into the Delaware River on Monday afternoon. Cops have a warrant out for John Kramer, a 50-year-old Mayfair man who drove his 1990 red Corvette into the Delaware River.

Cops haven’t found him yet. But Kramer, on the run out of state, did give an interview to Fox 29’s Dave Schratweiser where he defended himself for driving a Corvette into the river. “I didn’t want to put the car in the river, but everybody’s fighting over this damn car that I paid $3,600 for two years ago,” he told Fox 29. For three years, Kramer has been going through a contentious divorce with his estranged wife.

“They want to arrest me, they don’t want to talk to me,” he told the station. “And what’s the charge?”

This is the charge: Kramer is wanted for violating a protection from abuse order for taking the Corvette. His wife got the order after Kramer smashed both of the windshields on her Ford Fusion with dumbbells. His wife, Stephanie, told the Daily News he also tried to smash down the door of their home. Stephanie and her daughters had to barricade the door with a couch.

Per the paper, the incident Monday happened after Kramer attempted to get a van from his wife. He was not legally allowed to contact her. She asked for the Corvette back in return, but he balked because “I just wasn’t gonna leave the Corvette there and let my daughter’s boyfriend bang it up.” The dispute escalated, and ended with Kramer threatening to dump the car in the river and sending his daughter a text message that read “Too late; it’s already gone LOL.”

Kramer could also be charged with reckless endangerment for dumping the car; no one was hurt in the search for the Corvette. He told the Daily News he plans to turn himself in today.

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