Comcast’s New App Will Tell You When Tech Is Coming

A new app Comcast is currently testing will alert you when the technician is a half hour away. Then you can hustle home.


Comcast has always had customer service issues — this is putting it lightly — but never has it been easier to share stories of bad Comcast service and spread them online (using high-speed Internet service with XFINITY® from Comcast!).

This summer, a customer was left on hold for three hours until Comcast closed. In October, a man said he was fired from his job after he complained about Comcast service.

To perhaps try to stem the tide, Comcast has launched an app that allows you to track the contractor coming for a service visit.

The app alerts customers with scheduled appointments when the technician is about 30 minutes away. Users can track the tech on a map, and have a half hour to hustle home. It’s a way for Comcast customers to, say, run errands and still have an appointment.

The app is currently in trial in the Boston area. Comcast even advertised it with an animated GIF!


“We’re hoping this will prevent our customers from just needing to sit at home and wait,” Charlie Herrin, Comcast’s head of customer experience, told CNNMoney. “If we are running late, which can happen if our tech gets tied up at someone else’s house, we will let folks know that too, and provide real-time status updates so they can plan accordingly.”

Here’s guessing this app won’t step the tide of complaints about Comcast, but it could certainly be a help.