Will Philly Women Hold More C-Suite Positions in 2020?

A Pennsylvania House resolution urges all businesses to increase the number of women on their boards by the end of the New Year, but a new report suggests this goal may be out of reach.

I Love My Job

I Love My Job: Sex and Fetish Educator Kali Morgan


This Philly HR Startup Wants to Make Your Workplace More Efficient


How Ten Thousand Villages Is Surviving the Retail Apocalypse

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Philly Economy

BizFeed: Amtrak Lawsuits Face $200M Hurdle

Plus: Millennials are skipping college.

Philly Economy

Port Plan: 8,100 New Jobs are Possible

Is utilizing the land for cargo is the best way forward?

Full Amtrak Service Likely Back Tuesday

The company is set to release more information soon.


Venture Capitalist on How to Get His Attention

David Bookspan offers advice for startups, and discusses his biggest failures.

Health Care

BizFeed: Millennials Now Largest Workforce in U.S.

Plus, health insurer merger rumors heat up.


Kopelman, Seven Others Named to Inky Parent Board

Will Kopelman bring a "cool factor?"

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Influential Philadelphians

Influential Philadelphians

Amtrak Service May Not Be Restored For a Week: Experts

Rail travel is expected to remain stifled.

Eds & Meds

BizFeed: Another Philly Hospital Merger?

Plus, the Navy Yard’s power plan and a regional breakdown of the worst commutes.

Innovation & Tech

Philly Startup CEO Died in Train Crash

Rachel Jacobs of ApprenNet has died.

Amputated Fingers Lead to $800K in OSHA Fines

The firm "repeatedly put employees at risk of serious injury."


Three Quotes That Suggest Penn Alum Elon Musk Doesn’t Fully Understand Humans Yet

Did he really criticize an employee who skipped work for childbirth?

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Influential Philadelphians

Influential Philadelphians


BizFeed: Why Comcast Loves J.P. Morgan

Plus, 600 new jobs at the airport; Verizon to buy AOL.

Philly Economy

Drexel Expert: Grads Face Good Job Market

“Kids coming out of college are going to have a pretty good year.”

Philly Economy

Minimum Wage Woes

To escape poverty, minimum-wage earners in the U.S. need to work 50-hour weeks.


Are Comcast Nondisclosure Forms Common?

Meant to protect the company, not keep customers quiet, a rep says.

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