Philly to Host Tech Conferences

Techies come to town to learn and network.

Philly will play host to a couple of tech conferences this summer, helping showcase the burgeoning local scene.

DjangoConUS has announced its plans to gather July 17-22 at The Wharton School. (Django is an open-source web framework used by a number of newspapers and other online publishers.) There will be tutorials, talks and “sprints,” where programmers gather together to work intensively on a project. The news was first reported by Philly. An official with the convention told the site that Wharton’s bid is “making the conference more affordable than it’s ever been.”

Before that, though, the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group — known as M3AAWG — will gather in Philadelphia June 13-16. The group is a tech industry effort to collectively battle “botnets, malware, spam, viruses, DoS attacks and other online exploitation.” The four-day event at Sheraton Downtown “will include anti-abuse training and about 50 sessions on email and mobile abuse, voice and telephony abuse, the latest malware threats, hosting abuse and public policy issues,” the group announced this week. “Sessions on cybersecurity related to emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things and social messaging will also be offered.”

Companies that are part of M3AAWG include Comcast, Facebook Google,  Time Warner Cable, Verizon Communications; and Yahoo! Inc., among others.