Jim Schwartz: Fletcher Cox Will Fit ‘Very Well’

Schwartz also offered his opinion on Leodis McKelvin, Jalen Mills and Marcus Smith.

Jim Schwartz. (USA Today Sports)

Jim Schwartz. (USA Today Sports)

In his first media availability since the Eagles hired him in January, Jim Schwartz didn’t want to talk about Fletcher Cox much on Tuesday afternoon. He declined to comment on whether he’s spoken to the Pro Bowl defensive tackle, and he didn’t want to answer any additional questions about the biggest name missing from the Eagles’ OTAs.

But when he did discuss Cox, Schwartz didn’t seem concerned the 25-year-old will fall far behind.

“It’s voluntary, so you can only do so much,” Schwartz said. “Fletch was drafted in a scheme that was similar to this; he’ll catch up. I’m sure there’ll be some carryover for him, but I assume he’s a fast learner and I assume he’ll pick things up quickly.

“We think scheme-wise and technique-wise, what we’ll do will fit him very well.”

Schwartz also offered his early impressions of several players who are at the NovaCare Complex.

On Jalen Mills: “It’s a little too early to put anything on him. He’s been impressive so far, but we haven’t really even started yet, to tell you the truth. He’s got a lot to learn and his head is probably swimming a little bit, but what he has shown — he’s a very good athlete, he can play the ball and he’s comfortable being on an island. If you were check marking things for corners, those would be three near or at the top.”

On Leodis McKelvin: “The year I had him, he was playing at a really high level before he got hurt. … He’s not the tallest guy around, but he can jump, he can play the ball in the air. Mentally and physically tough. I don’t know if you see that just seeing his body shape, but he’ll go throw his body around and hit. He was a first-round draft pick; he’s played at a high level in this league.”

On Marcus Smith: “This is a scheme that greatly limits what he’s asked to do. Very easy in theory — difficult in execution, but easy in theory — and should allow him to play fast, attack spots, give him a little bit less responsibility, but hopefully allow him to make a greater impact. He’s very athletic, he’s got great size. He’s done very well so far, but again, let’s reserve judgement on any of these guys until we get pads on.”

On Bennie Logan: “All those guys have an adjustment period. It’s not just a change of position from a nose to a defensive tackle, it’s really a change of philosophy. From an at-the-line two-gap philosophy to an attack, get off the ball and one-gap penetrate philosophy.”