Eagles Wake-Up Call: QB Controversy Inevitable With Vick

One thing I have learned while covering Michael Vick for the last three-plus seasons is to not get carried away with any one thing he says, because he very well may have a different take the following week, day, or even in the next breath. There are a couple reasons for this.

First, he often responds to questions based on mood. If he is frustrated on Wednesday, chances are that will come through — especially if the question strikes a certain chord. But moods change and come Thursday he might be feeling better about a particular situation, and suddenly his latest take seems to contrast with the original.

Take this past week as an example. He made headlines and stirred debate by admitting that it was tough splitting reps with Nick Foles, and saying that he wanted Chip Kelly to name a starter before training camp so he didn’t have to answer questions about it every day.

That was the prideful and weary Michael Vick.

His comments the day before received far less attention, because they didn’t have an ounce of controversy in them. Asked where he stood in the quarterback race, Vick told the NFL Network: “That is up to Coach [Kelly] to decide what is best for this football team but as of right now, I am very pleased with my progress.”

That doesn’t sound like a restless quarterback intent on forcing his coach’s hand.

Second, Vick doesn’t like to be boring. Ask Foles the same question a thousand times and he will roll out the same yawn of a stock answer. Vick likes to give you a little something. Reporters are more than happy to take it, and will go back for more.

He is honest and he is an entertainer and when you combine those two, you have a show. That is why you cannot have a quarterback competition without controversy when Vick is involved.

As the summer days drag on the veteran star will be asked over and over again about the starting job. Sometimes he will be politically correct, sometimes not as much. When he gives up a juicy quote, it will be offered around to his teammates and coaches, someone will say something edgy in response, and up pops a brush fire.

Kelly will spend part of his first training camp stamping those fires out. It’s inevitable when a player like Vick ends up in a position like this.


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RGIII will almost certainly be on the field Monday, September 9 against the Eagles, writes Peter King. 

After watching him run sprints around the practice field Thursday, I agree with what Griffin said post-practice: “Without a doubt” he thinks he’ll be practicing with the team when it begins training camp in Richmond in late July … and, of course, that he’ll be ready to go Sept. 9 against the Eagles. Here’s what Griffin did Thursday: He sprinted without a limp the 53-yard width of the end zone. Then, at nearly full speed, he planted his twice-surgically repaired right knee and pivoted left, up the sideline of the practice field. It wasn’t the planting and cutting he’ll have to do in games, of course. But it’s close. I get zero sense that the team thinks he won’t be ready to play Sept. 9.

Tommy Lawlor weighs in on the QB debate.

You can rip on a guy for his performance or something you don’t like about him. This doesn’t have to be pure scout talk. If you don’t like Vick’s attitude or Foles mannerisms, talk about it. Just stop with the extreme stuff. Rip a guy, but don’t insult him or his supporters. That’s when people get upset and lash out.

Barring something strange, either Vick or Foles will be the starter. Some fans are going to have to cheer for a guy they don’t care for all that much. My advice…get over it.


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