‘Take No Prisoners’

When the first training camp fight of the year began to spread like wildfire, Michael Vick decided to step in and try to restore order. He immediately regretted his decision.

“Not no more. That’s over and done with. Can’t play peacemaker no more,” said Vick, fresh off one of the more spirited practices in recent memory. “I try to keep everything pretty much diplomatic around here but you can’t always do that. Tempers are going to flare and there’s a little attitude sometimes when you’re in the trenches, so I’ve got to stay out of there. I’m not strong enough to be in there.”

It wasn’t long into Sunday’s afternoon practice before a heavyweight bout broke out. It’s hard to separate bodies in a blur, but Derek Landri definitely starred in the fracas, and Jason Kelce and Demetress Bell appeared to be the main forces of opposition. Soon the scene swelled into a kinetic ball. Juan Castillo raced in on one side to try separate bodies, then a red jersey flashed in the gathering of green.

“I saw my tackle going after a guy, so it was me looking out for the defensive guy,” said Vick. “I didn’t want him to take a shot in the back – let it be a fair fight if there’s going to be a fight. I just tried to rush in and grab him and my arm got caught in the melee. I gutted it out, I gutted it out. I made it through.”

Bell’s adrenaline was still clearly pumping when he stopped to talk to reporters. He acknowledged that he never experienced a training camp practice quite like this in Buffalo.

“It was just very intense. It was football,” said Bell, his lip showing a small quiver. “Tempers flare. It’s hot, so tempers are going to flare up.”

Another fight broke out during seven-on-seven run drills, with Danny Watkins and linebacker Ryan Rau locking horns. Rau appeared to get off a couple punches (don’t think they connected) before the two were separated.

It was one of the more strenuous practices in recent memory. Andy Reid wants to push this team, and they are in the mood to push right back.

“Guys are a little upset from last year, and they’re taking it out now,” said Landri.

“Shoot, it’s now or never; take no prisoners.”