The Wildly Expensive Cost of Prescription Drugs

A Philadelphian’s guide to navigating (and maybe even beating) our screwed-up system.

cost of prescription drugs

Don’t get burned by the cost of prescription drugs. Here’s our guide to navigating the system.

Sky-high prices. Confusing co-pays. Maddening bureaucracy. Why is our pharmaceutical system such an impenetrable mess? We took a deep dive into the world of prescription drug pricing — and in the process, unearthed some strategies to save you money.

American Prescription Drug Prices Are Out of Control. One Man’s Furious Quest to Get to the Bottom of It.

prescription drug prices

Prescription drug prices in America are out of control. Photograph by Ian Shiver

One reporter looks for answers about America’s prescription drug pricing system — and why the medication he takes costs thousands of dollars a month. Keep reading here.

9 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

save on prescription drugs

Expert advice for saving money on prescription drugs. Photograph by Ian Shiver

While out-of-pocket drug costs have been rising for decades, there are often ways to get meds at more affordable prices — most people just don’t know about them. Here, we polled the experts to get their tips for cutting your medication costs. Keep reading here.

Here’s What 4 Super-Common Prescription Drugs Cost at Different Philly Pharmacies

philly pharmacies

What do the same drugs cost at different Philly pharmacies? We investigated. Photograph by Getty Images

We were shocked at the discrepancies we found when we asked some random local pharmacies how much four often-prescribed drugs cost for a one-month supply of a given dosage. Keep reading here

6 Outrageously Expensive Drugs We Really Hope You Don’t Need

most expensive drugs

Read up on some of America’s most expensive drugs. Photograph by Getty Images/Sasha Brazhnik

We set out to find the most expensive drugs in America, so we could warn you about illnesses you really should avoid if at all possible. Turns out that for most of the most expensive drugs, you can’t — but here are six crazy-expensive drugs that treat stuff you could actually come down with. Keep reading here.

Published as “Ouch” in the May 2019 issue of Philadelphia magazine.