Say Hello to Philly’s New Bold, Super Moody Holistic Wellness Boutique

Now open in Center City, Modrn Sanctuary features a chakra-balancing crystal light bed, an infrared sauna, a menu of facials and massages, and more.

Modrn Sanctuary in Center City is a one-stop shop for alternative wellness services (like the chakra-balancing crystal bed), plus feel-good beauty treatments. / Photograph courtesy of Modrn Sanctuary

Maybe it’s because I’m in love with the show What We Do in the Shadows, but these past few years have opened my eyes to the energy vampires of my life. The realization has helped me — and likely others, too — be more choosy when it comes to who, what and where I’m giving my energy in order to feel more fulfilled and not so drained.

It’s part of the reason why alternative wellness activities like keeping your chakras in check, meditating to the sounds of singing bowls, and being more mindful with alcohol have been booming. We’re tired of fast fads (and exhausted in general) and eager to slow down — remember, self- and community-care are ongoing practices.

Luckily, Philly’s wellness scene has become more holistic of late — things once considered “woo woo” are thriving. And now, the city has yet another reason to prioritize the whole self — with the recent debut of Modrn Sanctuary.

Officially opened in Center City on November 11th, the wellness and beauty center offers services that focus on soothing your body, mind, and spirit. There’s an array of massages — including Swedish, crystal oil, prenatal, reflexology, and even medical-grade lymphatic drainage — plus facials that utilize cryotherapy, radio frequency, and microdermabrasion. Or maybe you want to sweat out your stress in the infrared sauna, improve your skin and blood circulation with the full-body LED panel, or reap the benefits of healing services like hypnotherapy and Reiki.

One of Modrn Sanctuary’s treatment rooms / Photograph courtesy of Modrn Sanctuary

In addition to all these treatments, Modrn Sanctuary is home to a chakra-balancing Sensory 7 crystal bed. It’s an immersive treatment — that can be enjoyed for 25 or 45 minutes — that combines vibration therapy, binaural beats (sounds produced at two specific frequencies in order to ease and entertain the mind), seven quartz crystals, a frequency generator, LED lights and color therapy. Basically, it’s an energy bath for rebalancing’s sake — there’s the the vibrations of the music you’re hearing and the mat you’re resting on, plus harmonizing frequencies that the crystals convert to what’s called scalar energy, which Modrn founder Alexandra Janelli says can be used by mitochondria (the powerhouses of your cells!) to produce and replicate new DNA. “You feel like it’s the deepest meditative state you’ve ever been in,” she says. (You know we’re going to give you a full review on it sometime soon!)

Janelli, who is also an accredited hypnotherapist and certified life coach, opened Modrn in Manhattan in November 2016, but closed it last month — and decided to launch it in Philly — after making a home here as a result of the pandemic. She says the goal of Modrn has always been to provide a space where people can go to be at ease, feel more at home in their skin, and simply recalibrate. That’s much-needed, especially in cities like Philly and New York where life always feels very Go! Go! Go! and people never stop hustling.

Aside from the amenities, Modrn’s interior design is a bit unconventional (which we love!). The entire suite is painted black and there’s splashes of crocodile-print wallpaper — choices that represent Janelli’s understanding of wellness. “To me, dark colors are calming and soothing, and a dark ambiance helps my energy come down,” she says. “So, I wanted Modrn to play off the concept of sensory deprivation — people can better re-engage with themselves when all the surrounding stimulation is taken away.”

The lobby area of Modrn Sanctuary / Photograph courtesy of Modrn Sanctuary

Though she just debuted Modrn in Philly, Janelli is already looking ahead. She hopes to eventually incorporate a workshop space for community events like sound baths and discussions about various wellness topics; med-spa services are on the horizon for 2023.

Modrn Sanctuary is located at 1420 Walnut Street, suite 1212 in Center City. It is currently open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays.