Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness Just Leveled Up With an In-Studio Sauna

You can try the new infrared sauna for free at the studio’s grand reopening event on September 18th.

The new infrared sauna at Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness. / Photograph by Laura Brzyski.

Last March, Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness upgraded with a new studio triple the size of their original spot. The following week, they — like all other nonessential businesses in the area — were forced to temporarily close, meaning they never got a proper housewarming party.

A year and a half later, the now Flourtown-based fitness studio has leveled up once again — this time, with an on-site infrared sauna and a grand reopening redo.

First: The sauna. The one at Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness is tucked away in its own private room, so that you can feel totally away from the world for your choice of a 30-minute ($35) or 45-minute ($55) session. Plus, booking a sauna sesh is completely separate from booking a class, meaning you can enjoy the 175 degree-reaching temps and relaxation on your dedicated rest day, or before or after your workout.

Infrared saunas — which use infrared light to create heat — are reported to have a multitude of benefits, including improved circulation, mood boosting, muscle recovery, and stress reduction. These very reasons are what led Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness owner Alli Bradley to bring a sauna to the studio. “This past winter, I began frequenting infrared light sauna sessions at The Wellness Refinery [in Old City] after I realized that I was beyond stressed and holding it in different parts of my body, like my hips, my shoulders, and even my skin,” she says. “My skin started glowing, my body felt lighter, and I had a sense of calm and peace, and knew I wanted to help more people [in the Chestnut Hill area] have access to such a powerful wellness tool.”

If you want to try out their new sauna for free, you’re in luck! Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness will be offering no-cost, 15-minute express sessions at their grand reopening event on Saturday, September 18th. The studio will also be running free classes all morning long — so you can finally try their signature spin, barre, Pilates, or yoga classes — with snacks and fresh juices from local vendors. You can reserve your spot here.

Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness is located at 735 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown.