You Can Now Order Pre-Made Healthy Salads on GoPuff

GoPuff and Simply Good Jars have teamed up to deliver ready-to-eat salads (in a jar!) right to your door.

You can now order a variety of pre-made healthy salads, thanks to Simply Good Jars and goPuff. / Photograph courtesy of Simply Good Jars.

At the start of the coronavirus lockdown, goPuff quickly transformed its reputation as a snacks and party supplies delivery service to an “essentials” service, transporting staple quarantine items right to residents’ front doors. This has made getting things like milk, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and over-the-counter medicine super convenient, especially when trips to the grocery store or pharmacy can still feel pretty daunting.

Most recently, goPuff has expanded its inventory to include pre-made healthy meals, thanks to a recent partnership with another local food service, Simply Good Jars. Launched June 5th, the collaboration provides on-demand delivery of salads in a jar to folks across Philadelphia and Cherry Hill.

Simply Good Jars’ salads available for delivery through goPuff include Simply Greek ($9.49), California Cobb ($9.99), Chicken Quinoa ($10.49), and Smoked Salmon ($10.99). All of them are loaded with pre-cooked protein and veggies and are packaged in reusable plastic jars. Plus, each has a five-day shelf life, making your weekly lunch or dinner menu a breeze. And, for peace of mind, all of Simply Good Jars’ containers are sealed in a USDA-sterile room and never touched by a bare hand.

Jared Cannon, founder of Simply Good Jars, says teaming up with goPuff was a no-brainer, especially in the age of coronavirus. “Here at Simply Good Jars, we are rethinking what convenient food means,” Cannon says. “Through our partnership [with goPuff], we hope to provide access to fresher and healthier food options in a safe, quick, and sustainable way.”

Ready to get your fresh salad in a jar in 30 minutes or less? Place an order on goPuff and feel your taste buds do a happy dance.

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