10 Healthy Things to Do Around Philly When It’s Too Darn Hot Outside

Can’t fathom going for a run in this heat? Here are some healthy things to do when the humidity is getting to you.

hot weather workouts

Fitness Alive’s pool classes are some of the best hot weather workouts in the city. Photograph courtesy Fitness Alive.

Look, you don’t have to tell us twice that it’s ridiculously hot out there. And while even the idea of going for a run in the 90-degree weather with 90-percent humidity makes us a little woozy, that doesn’t mean we have to sit at home on our couches, waiting for fall to arrive. Instead, here are some healthy things to do — which might even help you stay cool!

Do a Pool Workout

Working out in water is not only an incredible way to challenge your muscles in all new ways — it also makes it impossible to tell if you’re sweating profusely, a plus for those of us who sweat a lot. Fitness Alive’s new Center City pool offers all kinds of cardio-boosting, strengthening group workouts. Sign up for one here.

Move Around at a Museum


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Ever heard of mall-walking? You can do pretty much the same things at museums, and luckily, Philadelphia boasts a particularly impressive collection of them — all of which offer AC. Go see some dead dinosaurs and fluttering butterflies at the Academy of Natural Sciences, or get your science nerd on at the Franklin Institute. Need to brush up on your American history? All it will take is a few days wandering around the Museum of the American Revolution, National Constitution Center, National Museum of American Jewish History, and African American Museum in Philadelphia — need we go on? Obviously there’s the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but if mainstream museums aren’t your thing, check out any of these other offbeat and unique places that make Philly one of the coolest cultural centers of the country.

Experience Ayurveda

Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, has recently experienced a peak in popularity due to the ever-expending wellness industry. Its purpose is to mindfully maintain a healthy and strong body through diet, lifestyle and exercise — something we could all use a little help with! Philadelphia native Larry Mangel, President of the Pennsylvania Ayurvedic Medical Association, teaches yoga and conducts private Ayurvedic Consultations at Center City’s Shanti Yoga and Ayurveda in addition to Santa Monica and The Pacific Palisades. During a consultation he can address imbalances and suggest treatments, including cooling summer herbs and spices, a summer diet, yoga, summer cooling breathing techniques, meditation and stress prevention to help you stay cool this season.

Get a Cryo Facial


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If you’ve ever been so hot you’ve stuck your head in the freezer for a second, you’ll love this super-quick, six-minute facial using liquid nitrogen. A little collagen boost with your cool down? Don’t mind if we do.

Drink Smoothies


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Not only are they cold and incredibly refreshing, you can also pack them with healthy fruits and veggies and protein. There’s nothing like cooling down from the inside out, right? Find spots serving up smoothies around Philly here.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating? In the summertime? Yeah, maybe it’s a little unorthodox, but skating, one of our favorite healthy things to do in the winter, will still give you the same cardio workout no matter what time of year it is. Plus, you get to zoom a giant block of ice in a permanently chilly room, so you’re sure to stay cool. While all the outdoor rinks are closed over the warmer months, you can get your skate on year-round at Simons Recreation Center or Tarken Ice Rink.

Do a Short, At-Home Workout


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Can’t handle trying to cool down after an hour-long sweat? Try a shorter HIIT session — like this lower body circuit or this ab workout — at home, or anywhere that’s nice and air conditioned.

Test Ride a Peloton

Still haven’t experienced the phenomenon of Peloton, the interactive cycling workout that is taking the world by storm? There is no better time than a hot day in the middle of summer to seek shelter at the King of Prussia Mall, where you can book a test class at their studio. The live studio experience sessions on the Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread, which include a short workout and a personalized tutorial, last approximately 30 minutes. Sessions are available daily from 10 a.m. (11 on Sunday) until 8:30 p.m. and can be booked in by visiting Peloton’s site here.

Take a SUP Class


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While falling off your board might normally seem like a bad thing, we might actually try to fall in during Aqua Vida’s classes on the water. Besides, after a spill, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the class.

Eat Nutritionist-Approved Frozen Treats

Popsicles that are basically frozen green juice? We’re sold. (And pssst, you can find them at Essene Market in Queen Village.) Find more nutritionist-approved cold treats here.