Peloton Just Released a Fancy New $4,000 Treadmill

A follow-up to their in-home cycling bike.

Photograph courtesy Peloton.

The company that revolutionized at-home indoor cycling has a new sport in their sightline: treadmill workouts. Considering that no indoor workout known to humankind is as dull as treadmill running, we’re pretty excited to see that Peloton is trying to make it a bit better.

Like the Peloton bikes, the new Peloton Tread is looking to bring the experience of studio workouts to your home. The treadmill comes with a soundbar speaker, a shock-absorbing slat-belt tread, and a 32-inch HD touchscreen, on which users can follow on-demand classes led by New York City-based instructors.

The Peloton Tread “Run” classes will be designed for every level — from those training for a marathon to those who haven’t ever run a mile. The “Total Body” training will feature bootcamp and circuit-style workouts that take place both on and off the treadmill, while “Floor” classes will focus on strength training as a supplement to the treadmill classes and “Walk” sessions will provide low-impact cardio.

Photograph courtesy Peloton.

So what does it cost to have this treadmill in your home? Well, it ain’t cheap. The treadmill itself costs $3,995, plus installation. Then there’s the membership fees, which will run you $39 a month and unlock all the programming. While this all sounds like a pretty serious investment, the good news is, if you’ve already bitten the bullet and purchased a Peloton bike, your monthly membership will give you access to both the bike and the tread classes at no extra cost.

The treadmills are scheduled to begin shipping out in Fall 2018, but the brand has already started taking reservations for those willing to put up a $250 deposit. While it’ll be a while before customers can have the bikes in their homes, Philadelphia is home to one of few Peloton showrooms at the King of Prussia Mall, where you can test out their bikes for yourself. Head there to experience the technology first-hand — and fingers crossed the treadmill makes an appearance there sometime so we can give it a whirl too.

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