Here’s a Lower-Body Workout You Can Do Just About Anywhere

Don't have a lot of space for a workout? Not a problem.

Videos courtesy Jackie Dragone.

Looking for an at-home workout that can be done anytime, anywhere — no equipment required?

That’s the case with this circuit workout, created and modeled by Philly’s own Jackie Dragone, founder of Rhythmlab and lead instructor at Flywheel. This workout will target your lower body, get your heart rate up for some cardio, and it’s totally customizable when it comes to length. Short on time? Do the full circuit twice through. Looking for a moderate workout? Do it three times through. Feeling extra intense? Try to make it through four full rounds!

Whether you’re reading this from a hotel or your 400-square-foot apartment, this workout can be done in any space that’s big enough to roll out a yoga mat. Ready to get started? Follow Dragone’s videos and instructions below.

Runners’ Lunge to Stand

How to do it: “Stand with your feet a hip-widths distance apart and parallel. From here, keep the weight in your left foot as you send your right leg straight behind you. The toes will touch the ground, the knee is almost straight and remains off the ground. From here, press into the left heel and squeeze the left glute as you stand back up to the start position.”
How many: 12 repetitions on the left, 12 on the right

Jump Squats

How to do it: “Start with your feet just slightly wider than your hips and parallel. From here, sit back into a squat position. As you sit back, make sure that your knees do not pass your toes and the weight is more towards your heels. You also want to ensure that your knees are aligned with your middle toe and that your spine remains in one long neutral line. Once you hit the bottom of your squat jump up with a powerful push using your legs. When landing, bend the knees immediately (don’t lock out the knees) and land back into a squat.”
How many: 15

Lateral Lunge

How to do it: “Start standing with the feet hip-bone distance apart and parallel. Bring the right knee to your chest and find your balance. From here, step the right foot to the right side beyond your hip bone. Once the foot hits the floor, sit your hips back into a squat position and bend the right knee. The knee should not pass the toe and you remain parallel, with the toes all pointing forward. Your left leg remains straight. (Modification: take out the balance and place the right foot back on the floor in between reps.)”
How many: 12 repetitions on the right, 12 on the left

Skater Jumps

How to do it: “Stand on your right foot and cross your left knee behind your right, sitting back into a squat-like position. Don’t twist your hips. (Optional: keep the back foot off of the ground.) Make sure your chest is lifted and your spine remains neutral.  From here, jump to the left and land in the same position on the other side, so now the right is the back leg and you are standing on your left.”
How many: 20 total, alternating sides

Kneeling Leg Cross to Lift

How to do it: “Kneel down on all fours. Make sure your knees are under your hips, then come to your forearms so that your elbows are under your shoulders. Keep your core engaged, and make sure you do not sway into your lower back. Extend the right leg straight behind you, lengthening through the knee. From here — without letting the right hip drop — cross the right leg over the left so that the right toes tap the floor just next to the left ankle. From there, lift the right leg back to neutral while squeezing the glute. Try to lift the right leg higher than the hips if possible.”
How many: 15 to 20 repetitions on the right, 15 to 20 on the left

Squat Jack

How to do it: “Start standing tall, knees straight, with the feet under the hips and parallel. From here jump, out into a squat. The feet are now wider than the hips and knees now bent. Jump back up to the start position to complete one rep.”
How many: 15 total

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