Accessing Mental Healthcare Just Got Easier Thanks to This Former Drexel Student

Rethink My Therapy, created by former Drexel University student Connor Gallic, offers online therapy at an affordable cost.

Created by former Drexel University student Connor Gallic, Rethink My Therapy offers low-cost, unlimited mental health care services. / Photograph from Getty Images.

Here at Be Well Philly, we believe that being well involves your entire self: mind, body, and emotions. Mental and emotional health are especially critical, as one in five Americans lives with a mental health condition. Also, the rate of young adults experiencing serious psychological distress has risen significantly over the past ten years. On top of all that, many individuals encounter challenges to acquiring adequate mental healthcare, like limited health insurance and providers and high out-of-pocket costs.

A new online therapy option is working to solve this lack of access, affordability, and availability. Rethink My Therapy offers low-cost, nationwide therapy and psychiatry services. The best part? Everything is online, unlimited, and direct. For just $60 per month, you get to participate in as many sessions as you like, all from your own couch, and without insurance complications.

Launched this past May, Rethink My Therapy is the brainchild of Connor Gallic, a former Drexel University student. Gallic decided to create a space solely for mental health care after noticing that his own family members and friends were in need of this kind of service, but were either not getting sufficient help or were dealing with the “middleman headaches” of insurance companies. “[With mental health issues on the rise], it’s better for everyone if people could just get the help they need over a simple phone call,” Gallic says.

Navigating the online therapy and psychiatry platform is easy. First, search through the database of virtual medical professionals and read their bios to determine who is a good fit for you. Then, book an appointment for a day and time that works with your schedule — the Rethink therapists and psychiatrists are available for daytime, evening, and weekend sessions. Once you experience your first session, you can either choose to continue seeing the same provider, or opt for someone else if needed. If you’re not exactly sure what kind of service you need, Rethink offers screenings that’ll help determine which type of professional to see.

Rethink My Therapy stemmed from Gallic’s main healthcare service, Rethink My Healthcare. The original direct pay healthcare network was created in August of 2018, shortly after Gallic turned 25 and sought his own health insurance. He found that most options on the market were priced too high. “I looked for an alternative,” Gallic says. “I couldn’t find something affordable, so I created it myself.” Rethink My Healthcare established the online, insurance-less system that Rethink My Therapy relies on: access to thousands of healthcare providers without the hassle of referrals, pre-certifications, and copays. This, Gallic believes, helps build stronger, more positive doctor-patient relationships.

The goal of both Rethink platforms is to give people the freedom of choice. “I want to help put the power of people’s health care back in their own hands,” Gallic says.

You can sign-up for Rethink My Therapy for $60 per month here.