This South Philly Woman Slimmed Down by Boxing Nearly Every Day

CKO Kickboxing's 10-week challenge inspired Sara Hall to finally stick with an exercise routine.

boxing challenge

South Philly resident Sara Hall saw results with CKO Kickboxing’s 10-week boxing challenge. / Photograph by Sara Hall

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Who: Sara Hall, 31, product manager from South Philly

Why I wanted to make a change: Ugh, I was just tired of trying things that didn’t work. As I got older, I felt like ever year was a little bit more weight I couldn’t get off. I figured support from people who know what they’re doing, like those at CKO Kickboxing, could benefit me.

When I started: The boxing challenge at CKO Kickboxing was initially 10 weeks, starting at the beginning of November. [This included unlimited cardio kickboxing, small-group strength and conditioning classes, fitness assessments, a nutrition class led by OnPoint Nutrition and access to OnPoint through an app, a cooking demonstration, and other perks at a non-member price of $499 and a member price of $249.]

How I changed: I’m definitely more energized, but I feel better all over. I certainly get the gym/being active itch if I don’t exercise. I also crave healthier foods. I still have my temptations, but I’ve learned to moderate my indulgences knowing that it pays off.

How I changed my diet: I cut down how often I indulge. I love ice cream and a nice drink. I still do both, but I try to not do it as frequently. That was something I learned from working with OnPoint Nutrition. I’ve also started packing my lunches for work — I usually have pretty packed days so not having to worry about what I eat brings a bit of relief. I spend about two hours on Sundays or Mondays making seven-ish meals for me and my boyfriend to eat during the week.

How I changed my workouts: I’ve picked up my exercising quite a bit. I typically go to four-plus classes a week, every day but Wednesday, and try to do something active on the weekends. I like the diversity in the classes I can take at CKO. I can go to a technique class or a kick-your-butt class or a more get-in-what-you-put-in class depending on the instructor. I’d like to work in spinning (I have a bike at home) and lifting, but that’s still on my to-do list.

What I’m most proud of: I’m proud that I stuck with it. I’ve tried quite a few diets and workouts. But with the buy-in and support this time, I was able to really make a change.

The hardest part: The hardest part was (and still is) forgetting the scale. I’ve been conditioned to always “weigh less,” and not seeing a huge change was a struggle. One thing I did was take pictures. I took one of myself at the beginning of the boxing challenge, then four weeks after the start. Then I began to take them weekly. The change from day one to the end of the challenge is pretty cool. It’s helped me stop worrying about how much I weigh and realize that I’m becoming stronger and slimming down.

What I want everyone to know: I’d like people to realize that if you show up, you will see results, and it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your lifestyle. My boyfriend (and quite a few of my friends) bartend. I still sit at their bar and enjoy a few drinks. It’s just not every day. I used to hate the morning, and some mornings I hate going to the gym, but then I get there, and I see some really awesome people who showed up, and I work my butt off. I tricked myself into enjoying it by buying new workout clothes I felt comfortable moving in, creating a badass Spotify playlist for my commute, and finding a little morning snack I love. Getting there is tough, but once you show up — and continue to show up — you’ll see results.

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