A Bone Broth Company With Philly Ties Is Launching Keto-Friendly Soups

Kettle & Fire debuted its healthy soups on Kickstarter today.

Kettle & Fire is launching its first line of keto-friendly soups, including the butter curry flavor. / Photograph courtesy Kettle & Fire

We get that diets can blow up, but the keto trend seems to be seriously everywhere (although many people have qualms with the high-fat, ultra-low-carb regimen — read this Mayo Clinic explainer for a good rundown). Chipotle came out with keto-friendly options in January. Snap Kitchen includes the keto diet in its filters to help customers know which of its grab-and-go meals they can eat. Even BurgerFi has a keto burger.

Now a bone broth company with Philly ties is coming out with pre-packaged, keto-friendly soups. Kettle & Fire, helmed by brothers Justin and Nick Mares, launched its four flavors — spicy cauliflower, butter curry, mushroom bisque, and broccoli cheddar — of gluten-free, bone broth soups today on Kickstarter.

Justin and Nick, who spent much of his childhood in the King of Prussia area, came up with the idea when they decided to take on a 30-day keto challenge. “It became very clear very quickly how difficult it was, especially if you have a busy schedule and can’t afford time wise to cook every single meal,” Nick says. “Breakfast was pretty easy — you’ve got your bacon, eggs, avocado, and bone broth, of course. But then you get into your lunch and dinner. If you have an hour to cook a keto meal every day, good on you. That’s fantastic. We didn’t have that luxury, so we’d be scarfing down beef jerky or macadamia nuts and almonds.” Hence their keto-friendly meals in a box, made with organic ingredients and the bones of free-range chickens (can we get a Portlandia reference up in here?) that simmer in filtered water for about 20 hours, producing a full serving of bone broth per recyclable carton.

Kettle & Fire is hoping to raise $20,000 for this latest endeavor. The Kickstarter’s been up for less than three hours, and the keto-friendly soups have already pulled in more than $7,000, so it doesn’t seem like reaching that goal will be an issue. The good news, though: The Mareses have said they’ll still ship the products to Kickstarter backers even if they don’t get fully funded. [Update: The keto-friendly soups have now raised more than the goal of $20,000.]

That’s probably because Whole Foods Market has already signed on to start stocking the soups at the end of May. But if you fork over anywhere from $48 (a six-pack) to $2,049 (a 360-pack), you’ll get your keto-friendly soups in April for a discount of 15 to 40 percent off the normal price. (Caveat: If you order the 360-pack, you’ll receive 30 cartons a month for a year.) The two-year shelf life means we may be buying all the soups — but we’ll try to leave a few for you.

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