9 Keto-Friendly Restaurants Around Philadelphia

Because just going for the meat and cheese isn't going to cut it.

keto friendly restaurants

Local keto-friendly restaurants such as Snap Kitchen make the trendy diet simple to maintain. / Photo courtesy of Snap Kitchen // Background courtesy of iStock/tupungato

Over the years, diets come, and they go (ugh, who thought eating tapeworm eggs was a good idea?), and they get replaced by new fads. 2018’s headliner in that department was easily the ketogenic diet. Keto for short, the strict regimen focuses on nearly eliminating carbohydrates and amping up your fat intake. (There are several variations on the keto diet, and some include more carbs than others.) This combination triggers a metabolic state known as ketosis, in which your body turns to fat instead of carbs for energy — and burns away those pesky fat deposits around your waistline.

Sounds great, right? Not so fast. Experts’ opinions vary, but many are wary of keto, especially from a long-term perspective. We’d advise discussing any drastic shifts in eating habits with a nutritionist or doctor before making those changes. For those who have decided that keto is the right weight-loss strategy, we comprised a list of nine keto-friendly restaurants in and around Philly that will ease the transition. From Tinto in Rittenhouse Square to M20 Burgers and Salads in Queen Village, these restaurants will help you stay on track while still eating a nutrient-rich meal.

FYI: A bunch of national fast food chains actually have keto-friendly menu options; McDonalds, Chipotle, Qdoba, Panera, and Five Guys are all surprisingly fair game. While these spots wouldn’t be our first go-tos, it’s good to know secondary options exist. But now for our go-tos:

Farmer’s Keep

10 South 20th Street, Center City


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No matter what you’re eating, it’s always a good idea to fill your plate with a variety of colors. Farmer’s Keep makes that easy with fast-casual meals free of allergy-prone ingredients and foods (think: gluten, dairy, nuts, shellfish). Order a combo platter — a salad, two sides, and your choice of protein — for only $10.95; options range from the delectable-sounding sriracha bourbon chicken and cumin cauliflower with tomato to pineapple coconut slaw and roasted sweet potato with cactus. Can you say mouthwatering?

M20 Burgers & Salads

703 South 5th Street, Queen Village


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Burgers don’t exactly come to mind when dieting, but they’re not off limits with the keto regime. The only requirement to stay on track when you’re ordering a patty at M20? Ditch the bun (obviously) and avoid carb-y toppings, i.e., ketchup, honey mustard sauce, breaded onions. (Mayo, salsa, fried egg, and avocado are all OK.) If you’re looking for a leafier option, go for one of the featured salads, like the chopped kale or village — made up of arugula, clementines, sprouts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, goat cheese, maple balsamic dressing — or build your own combination of greens.

Snap Kitchen

Multiple Locations


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Since Snap Kitchen launched in Austin, Texas, in 2010 — and opened several locations in Philly starting in 2016 — the healthy chain has become famed for simple, grab-and-go meals that make sticking to whatever diet you’re on so much easier. (It even launched a subscription meals program in 2017.) Part of that stems from the fact that the restaurant categorizes its menu items by diet, taking all the guesswork out of the situation. For keto folks, that means knowing Snap Kitchen’s naked beef with green beans and cauliflower or chicken piccata will be filling and guilt-free.

The PokéSpot

1804 Chestnut Street, Rittenhouse Square


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If there’s one key to a successful keto diet, it’s customization. Fortunately, that’s also the key to poke bowls. At this NYC–based franchise’s Philly location, you can start by choosing from a base of zucchini noodles or salad (avoid the rice options, because carbs) and tuna, salmon, chicken, snow crab, or organic tofu as your protein. Marinated proteins are available as well, but it might be safer to eschew those since you’ll have to ask whether the specific ingredients in the marinades violate your keto rules. From there, add a healthy amount of toppings, such as avocado and cucumber, and then finish it off with a sauce.


44 North 12th Street, Center City


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The burger chain recently announced a keto-approved option that is as protein-packed as it is delicious. The KetoFi burger features two Angus beef patties topped with bacon and a fried egg that are drizzled with mustard and served green style (aka wrapped in lettuce). BurgerFi also offers the option to drop the bun and swaddle the burger of your choice in lettuce. Progress, people, progress!

Real Food Eatery

Multiple Locations


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As good as a meat and cheese board is, you can get sick of the protein-heavy smorgasbord if it’s all you’re eating all the time. There’s no better way to incorporate real, balanced meals than stopping by Real Food Eatery. Decide between the grass-fed sirloin, salmon filet, or lemon herb chicken for your entrée; chopped kale or the spring mix for your base (no quinoa or brown rice to stay grain-free); and a plethora of cold or warm, keto-friendly sides to top the whole thing off.


Multiple Locations


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This fast food-ish chain will put together your healthy dish in a flash, while giving you the option to customize your meal. If you’re angling for the stir fry, for instance, go with the lettuce cups as your base or skip the base entirely. Or create your own salad and double the amount of meat for extra protein.


Multiple Locations


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If your friends or significant others aren’t feeling the keto diet as much as you are, this is the place for the whole group to dine satisfied. Go for any of the salads — all loaded with nuts, figs, vegetables, and fruits — or, of course, the charcuterie board.


114 South 20th Street, Rittenhouse Square


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Trying to quell your anxiety about a keto-friendly date night? Don’t fret. The romantic Tinto offers protein-packed tapas in a small-plate style that makes sharing optimal. If you’ve grown tired of red meat and chicken, this is the opportunity to spice up your diet with a seafood option (Spanish octopus, anyone?) that’s bound to give you the protein you need.

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