The Juice Philly Just Introduced a New CBD-Infused Drink

Take a Chill Pill. Literally.

juice philly cbd chill pill

You can now try the new The Juice Philly CBD drink, the Chill Pill. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Another day, another CBD product to test out in Philly. During the course of 2018, CBD-infused products have completely invaded the Philadelphia market. There has been ice cream, spa offerings, smoothies, and even an entire store devoted to CBD wellness products in Northern Liberties. And now, juice.

The Juice Philly is also getting in on the action as they’ve teamed up with Bouquet CBD, a Philly-based CBD oil brand. The collaboration resulted in the advent of the “Chill Pill,” The Juice Philly’s first-ever CBD-infused drink. The concoction is designed to revive the adrenals, rid of toxins and bloating, balance the mood, and boost your metabolism. Katie Rodger, owner and founder of The Juice, said she had been a “long time fanatic” of the benefits of CBD but was unable to find CBD oil that met her standards.

“I had been on the hunt for a CBD oil that was a high enough quality to meet our standards at The Juice,” said Rodger. “After being introduced to Max [the owner of Bouquet] and learning more about Bouquet, I was blown away by the protocols under which he produces his CBD.”

In the beverage, the non-psychoactive cannabis compound, cannabidiol (a.k.a CBD) is paired with activated coconut charcoal, soothing lavender oil, lemon, maple water, and MCT oil. The result? A light flavor, reminiscent of lemonade.

Of course, even though CBD is all the rage right now, there is still research that needs to be done before we fully know what drinking CBD does for us. Currently, the FDA has only approved one use of CBD (the treatment of certain forms of epileptic seizures). While the Chill Pill boasts 20 milligrams of CBD per eight-ounce jar, it is uncertain if that is a “recommended” serving at this time since the FDA hasn’t released guidelines yet.

But if you’re ready to try the new CBD drink by The Juice Philly, you can order online for pick up or drop by one of the studios that carry their products.

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