Sip-N-Glo Just Launched a New CBD-Infused Juice

Say hello to Glo Easy, the new Sip-N-Glo CBD juice.

sip-n-glo cbd juice

You can now try Glo Easy, the new Sip-N-Glo CBD juice. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

In case you missed it, Philly’s CBD scene has exploded. There’s an entire store devoted to CBD wellness products in Northern Liberties, tons of spas offer CBD treatments, you can find CBD smoothies and ice cream, and there’s even a Philly-based CBD-oil brand. To say it’s trending would be an understatement.

So it’s not really a surprise that one of Philly’s top fresh juiceries has released their own CBD-infused beverage. Sip-N-Glo, which has three locations in Center City, released their new flavor, Glo Easy, on December 6. The product release marked a year’s worth of work investigating how to infuse the non-psychoactive cannabis compound, cannabidiol (a.k.a. CBD) into their beverage. Because oil and water separate, they knew traditional CBD oil — which blends easily into other foods, like smoothies — wouldn’t work. Ultimately, the brand landed on a water-soluble CBD solution that infuses 15 milligrams of the compound into every bottle.

We had a chance to try the new flavor — which is made with hibiscus tea, apple, strawberry, lemon, dragonfruit, rosewater, and, of course, CBD — and were surprised by its light, floral flavor. Unlike the intense, sugary fruitiness of many bottled juices, this one was more subtle — closer to a flavored water, perhaps thanks to the rosewater and tea. There also were some slight earthy overtones, probably due to the CBD.

Of course, there’s still lots of research that needs to be done before we fully know *what* exactly drinking CBD does for us. The FDA has currently only approved one use of CBD, and that’s for treating forms of epilepsy seizures. So while the new Sip-N-Glo bottles come with 15 milligrams of CBD, we don’t know if that’s a “recommended” serving at this time — because there is no recommended dosage right now.

If you want to try the new Sip-N-Glo CBD juice, you can pick up a bottle at any of the brand’s three locations at 932 South Street, 257 South 20th Street, and 1700 Sansom Street. Happy sipping!

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