How the Weight Watchers App Helped Me Lose 27 Pounds in 4 Months

While recovering from an injury, Kylie Flett worked out with a physical therapist and used the Weight Watchers app to track her food.

weight watchers app

Kylie Flett rebuilt her strength while using the Weight Watchers app to track her food. Photographs courtesy Kylie Flett.

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Who: Kylie Flett, 35, Punch Media PR director from Kensington

What inspired my change:  “On October 2, 2017, I broke my fibula and dislocated my kneecap playing lacrosse in an alumni game reliving the glory days. Unfortunately, my body just wasn’t up for the task! The nine weeks of non-weight bearing combined with the painful recovery resulted in a significant weight gain — 30 pounds in about nine months.

“In June, I went back to Rothman and after an MRI and additional tests, found out I need knee surgery, which I was not a good candidate for due to my current weight. It was incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. Beginning that week, I committed to an intense three-days-a-week physical therapy schedule and have since moved on to doing three days a week with a personal trainer at Sweat Fitness[Editor’s Note: Sweat Fitness is a client of Punch Media.] Right now I have plateaued in my weight loss quest — 27 pounds thus far — so I have committed to sober October.”

Height: 5’6″

Starting Weight: 237

Current Weight: 210

What all changed: “Other than shedding 27 pounds and fitting into a smaller pair of jeans, my knee and leg pain have decreased exponentially! I still have bad days and I won’t be rocking stilettos anytime soon, but I am happy with the strength I have gained thus far. Mostly, I am able to complete everyday tasks like walk my dog, grocery shopping, and go up and down stairs with confidence.”

How I changed my diet: “I have been using the Weight Watchers app to track certain foods. For example: I used to eat half an avocado on toast with a Chobani yogurt and an OJ for breakfast EVERY DAY. I was shocked when I plugged those into the app and found out that those items made up 18 of my 27 daily points. Now my breakfast includes 0% fat free Fage Greek yogurt with berries and a boiled egg (all zero-point foods).”

How I changed my workouts:  “My workouts are abbreviated due to my injuries and limitations — so no burpees here — but I have a weight lifting workout plan (lower weights and active rests) and I try to work out five days a week in the mornings. Instead of running, my cardio consists of spin or the bike, and I have recently started using the ropes with my trainer Tawny (which, don’t tell her, I secretly love).”

“Last weekend I went to Charleston with my boyfriend and I was so proud that I could walk around all day and night and get in all the sights!”

The hardest part: “The hardest part is knowing where I was physically before the injury and mentally overcoming that setback.”

What I’m most proud of: “Honestly, last weekend I went to Charleston with my boyfriend and I was so proud that I could walk around all day and night and get in all the sights! I was incredibly nervous my injury would prevent me from participating in our very active itinerary. At the Magnolia Plantation alone we walked four miles, which would not have been possible for me just a few months ago!”

What I want everyone to know: “If you have an injury and your doctor prescribes physical therapy, do it! It was a great foundation to me getting back into the gym and completing a more rigorous workout schedule.”

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