This Old City Yoga Studio is Adding Barre, Acro Yoga, and Massages to Their Schedule

TORC Yoga is mixing things up and we are sooooo here for it.

Photograph courtesy of TORC Yoga.

It certainly seems like a lot of local fitness studios are kind of hitting the “reset” button on things lately: Philly Power Yoga and Thrive Pilates added TRX to their class offerings, while BPM Fitness is totally revamping their workout vibe. Now, Old City’s TORC Yoga has added a whole slew of things to their line-up, including barre, acro yoga, and wellness treatments. Ka-ching!

As if TORC’s schedule wasn’t jam-packed enough with all sorts of vinyasa variations, they’ve added a weekly acro yoga session to the docket. Wednesdays from 5:45 to 7 p.m., TORC hosts classes to help the local acro community (and beginners!) hone the skills needed for this challenging practice. And fun fact: These classes are taught by acro yogi Rob Li, who’s on a mission to lift (and Instagram) 10,000 people.

Barre classes will also be popping up on the TORC schedule every day of the week. Upbeat tunes will fuel the pulsing, toning, and strengthening that you’d expect out of an hour-long pilates, yoga, and ballet-inspired barre class.

And as for the wellness treatments, TORC plans to roll out a series of services including foot reflexology, guided meditations, Thai yoga stretch, and more in April. These treatments will be offered by appointment only from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and range in length from 25 to 90-minute sessions. It’s worth noting that members of the studio will receive a 20-percent discount on these wellness services.

Check out TORC’s schedule here for more details on timing for these new class offerings and how to schedule classes and services. TORC is located at 31 South 2nd Street.

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