This Philly TRX and Spin Studio is Totally Changing Up Their Classes

BPM Fitness is taking user feedback into account as they revamp their class schedule.

Photograph by Noche Studio.

Here’s the thing we love about health and fitness in Philadelphia: it’s always growing, it’s always changing, and it just keeps getting better. And even though they only opened a few months ago, that’s definitely the case for BPM Fitness, a Fairmount studio that’s revamping and relaunching their class line up.

You may remember this TRX and spinning combo studio which we tested out at the end of November. At that time, we tried their signature class, BPM Fit, which followed an intense 30 minutes of indoor cycling with 30 minutes of TRX circuit training. It was cardio and strength training packed into a one-hour class, and we were pretty pumped about it.

An all-cycling class will remain on the BPM Fitness schedule. Photograph by Noche Studio.

But since then, the BPM founders have been paying careful attention to the things their members are looking for in a workout, and this user feedback has inspired them to make some major changes to their classes.

“We noticed we were just branding ourselves wrong. We did not want to pigeonhole ourselves as a ‘TRX Certified’ or ‘Stages Cycling’ studio, because at the end of the day, those things do not resonate with people,” says BPM co-founder Shoshana Katz. “What resonates is a good workout that makes you feel empowered, stronger, happier, and invigorated. We wanted to give people something they miss when they can’t have it or attend class.”

The new strength training class segments will incorporate equipment like battle ropes and sandbags. Photograph by Noche Studio.

While when they first opened, BPM Fitness broadcasted the fact that they were a spin and TRX combo studio, they no longer want to be defined by those two pieces of equipment. Rather, starting April 1, they’re looking to rebrand as the “The BPM Experience: Philly’s best and most high-powered workout,” says BPM co-founder Erin Moffitt.

“What does the BPM Experience entail? The BPM Experience is not just about the workout itself, it’s also about how you feel from the moment you walk through the doors to the moment you leave after class,” says Moffitt. “It’s about digging deep and setting your intention, finding your purpose, and taking control of your journey.”

Photograph by Noche Studio.

And while they’re focusing in more on the studio “experience” than just being a TRX and spin studio, what that means for clients is rather than TRX, cycling, and combo classes on the schedule, the workouts will now fall into three new categories: The Roots, The Circuit Breaker, and The Team Effort.

Like before, all three classes will be 60 minutes long, with 30 minutes of cycling followed by strength training — though there will also be “express,” 45-minute versions of the classes available. The strength training is where BPM devotees will likely see the biggest changes.

The Roots strength training portion is based off of the TRX original programming, with two blocks of six exercises and a daily challenge. The Circuit Breaker will have the class broken out into groups that will rotate through timed exercises in circuits. The Team Effort will add a little competition into the mix by dividing the class into teams that will compete in head-to-head challenges.

But don’t worry: everything isn’t changing. BPM will be retaining their all-cycling 45 minute class, called Cycle BPM, for those who just want to get a good cardio session in.

These new classes will officially go live starting April 1. But to give everyone a chance to try out the classes, there’s going to be a series of free trial classes on the schedule — for new and returning members — on March 26, 28, and 30 at 9:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. These preview classes will go live on the schedule a week in advance — so keep an eye on BPM Fitness’ website to sign up and test drive the new BPM Experience for yourself!

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