Body Cycle Studio Quietly Made Some Major Upgrades to Their Rittenhouse Gym

Including showers, a Body Cycle Studio app, and a new signature class.

Photograph courtesy Body Cycle Studio.

Competition is tough in the world of indoor cycling. In Rittenhouse alone, we’ve got Flywheel, SoulCycle, and Body Cycle Studio — and there are plenty more in the surrounding neighborhoods.

So with riders having their choice of studios, each spin session really has to bring it — both in and outside of the classroom. That’s especially true for local businesses — like Body Cycle Studio — who don’t have the backing of a huge studio chain to support them.

That’s why over the past year, Body Cycle Studio has quietly made changes to their setup. While they had just 19 bikes when they first opened, they’d been operating with 25 and jumped up to 37 around a year ago. Previously, they had just one shower room — which was also the only available bathroom and changing room. Now, they’ve got four private showers and two bathroom stalls, stocked with shampoo, lotion, hair dryers, deodorant, and more.

A new shower stall at Body Cycle Studio. Photograph courtesy Body Cycle Studio.

In addition to adding amenities, Body Cycle Studio is also upping their game inside the classroom. This has been a project of Body Cycle Studio’s new general manager, Jessica Sullivan, who wanted to see the studio have its own signature ride.

“It took me four months to train all of our instructors…but I finally implemented a brand new experience at Body Cycle,” says Sullivan. “I call it ‘The Bodyrocker Ride’ and it includes: sprints, hills, watt maxes, sliders, high-lows, claps, and a wild card.”

New bathrooms and changing spaces make getting ready post-class easier. Photograph courtesy Body Cycle Studio.

With the creation of this new class comes other scheduled additions: a “Watts Up” class that’s all about endurance and soon, a 30-minute choreographed “Bodyrocker Beats” class. Meanwhile, Body Cycle Studio is also catching up to other studios on the tech side. Like they have at Flywheel, Body Cycle now has its own app where riders can see their logged rides and view their strength, speed, and distance after every workout.

Photograph courtesy Body Cycle Studio.

Photograph courtesy Body Cycle Studio.

And Body Cycle isn’t finished making improvements, either: They’re also looking to add a coffee lounge with sofas and snacks from local vendors to their space — though this addition probably won’t happen until 2019.

“It is such a great feel in BCS right now,” says Sullivan. “We admittedly missed the boat and let bigger gyms come in and outshine us for a few years. I am determined to make this local business succeed though!”

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