SoulCycle Just Launched a New Beginner-Friendly Fundamentals Class

SoulFoundamentals will teach you everything you need to know to crush your first (or next!) SoulCycle ride.

Photo courtesy of SoulCycle.

SoulCycle can seem kind of daunting — you know, because of the cult-y reputation, dark studios, loud music, and complicated choreography. Well, the indoor cycling studio that made spin sexy again is launching a new class that’s here to take away the intimidation factor for Soul virgins. Called SoulFundamentals, this new class will teach you basically everything you need to know to absolutely crush a SoulCycle class.

And it’s not just for beginners, either. The class aims to help even the most experienced riders amplify each class. Intrigued? Well, we’ve got the scoop.

SoulFundamentals is a 60-minute technique-focused class. Two instructors will roam the studio to coach you on the basics — like how to properly set up your bike so it’s fitted to your body and how to clip in and out like a pro. The class will also break down standard SoulCycle choreography to help you maximize the experience every time (instead of trying to play catch-up for half of the class while wondering WTF a “tap back” is).

Plus, if you have the choreography down, you can relax more and have a bit more fun — maybe even throw in a few towel swings and cheers throughout class. All in all, these hands-on demos will allow you to be more focused on feeling the BURN in all future classes.

These classes are slowly rolling out in various areas serving up the Soul, but fortunately us Philly folks can try it starting on March 25 at the Ardmore location (2 Coulter Avenue). The first available class is at 2 p.m. on the 25th but will be popping up on the schedule regularly from then on. SoulFoundamentals will run you the same price as a standard SoulCycle class — $34 for a drop-in — and you’ll book them online as per usual here.

Now, who’s ready to ride like a SoulCycle pro?

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