7 Products Every Runner Needs, According to a Philly Running Coach

Get ready for race season.

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With your Broad Street Run training — and training for race season as a whole — ramping up, you’ve probably been thinking about refreshing your collection of running gear. That’s where this week’s edition of local pro’s must-have products comes in: founder and head coach of Run Your Personal Best Cory Smith, who shares the seven products he swears by to make a runner’s life much easier.

When he’s not coaching clients IRL, you can find Cory spitting tidbits of running wisdom right here on Be Well Philly. If you’re stressed about training for the Broad Street Run, fret not he’s outlined a simple training plan for us all to follow. He also shared SO many helpful tips throughout the Philadelphia Marathon training period. What we’re trying to say is this: He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to running, and you should probably — scratch that — definitely take his product suggestions seriously.

Read on for this running coach’s list of must-have products for runners, plus where you can score your very own.

Nathan Zipster

“If you hate carrying things when you run, then the Nathan Zipster is perfect for you. This breathable, water-resistant elastic band easily slides around your waist and has enough room to carry your phone, keys, money and even some fuel. The slim design holds your items tight against the skin with no bounce or movement.” $29.99 from Nathan Sports.

New Balance Sneakers

“Reserved for those days when running fast is a priority, the New Balance 1500v4 with BOA lacing system makes running fast easy. Lightweight, with a firm and responsive midsole, the NB 1500v4 gets a huge fit upgrade with the BOA lacing, a turn dial lacing system that securely syncs down the saddle for ultimate control.” $129.99 from New Balance.

Mudroom Backpack

“They key to a good backpack for runners is smart design with separate compartments for every item a runner carries — especially dirty shoes and stinky clothing. Mudroom nails this concept: a sleek, good looking backpack, with separate compartments to keep everything from your laptop to your running shoes.” $105 from Mudroom Backpacks.

Patagonia Houdini

“The Patagonia Houdini is perhaps the most versatile jacket for runners. It can be used as a protection from rain or a extra layer when it gets chilly. The best part is this sleek, slim-fitting, weather resistant jacket packs down to easily fit in your palm when not needed and only weighs 3.6oz. If there’s any chance of rain be sure to grab this stylish jacket.” $99 from Patagonia.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

“There is nothing worse than coming back all sweaty and overheated from your run to find that your water is warm. You’ll always have freezing cold water with the Hydro Flask water bottle. I’ve left ice cold water in direct car sunlight on 100-degree heat and still have ice cold water.” Price depends on size and style; this 18-ounce standard mouth bottle is $29.95 at Hydro Flask.

Ultimate Direction Fast Pack

“If you’ve ever considered doing a run-commute to work, this is the pack for you. This well-designed running pack has the ability to hold all your work clothing — including your laptop — tight and securely, avoiding any annoying bouncing while you run.” $119.95 from Ultimate Direction.

Rival Brothers Whistle and Cuss Coffee

“I rarely head out the door for a run without first having a cup of coffee. Rival Brothers Whistle and Cuss is the best. Smooth, tasteful and potent — which is just what I need to kickstart my run. Plus, with all the recent studies siting the performance benefits of caffeine, it’s a no brainer.” $14.50 from Rival Bros.

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