SoulCycle’s New Locker Room Upgrade May Mean We Never Shower at Home Again

You know that amazing citrus smell in the studios? Now you can smell like it too.

You know who’s a sucker for fancy, nice-smelling shampoos? This girl. This girl loves nothing more than getting a whiff of a delicious, floral-ish scent in the air and wondering, Dang, what smells so good? Only to realize That’s me! I smell so good. 

Well, SoulCycle is making all of our fancy shampoo dreams come true with their partnership with Le Labo. The fancy-pants French perfume brand—which has celebrity fans aplenty, include J. Biebs himself—also makes shampoos, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. And—you can see where this is going, right?—starting in December, SoulCycle’s locker rooms will feature these shower products for your post-class use.

Photograph courtesy SoulCycle.

The shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion in Le Labo’s Bergamote 22 scent are intended to echo SoulCycle’s signature scent. You know the grapefruit scented candles that make the studios smell so fresh? Now imagine smelling like that all day long. Can I get a YASSS PLEASE?


Considering that an eight-ounce bottle of the body wash will retail for $52, getting to suds up with the stuff is pretty much like washing yourself with liquid gold. Gift sets of the products will also be for sale through the holidays, retailing for $75, while an eight-ounce bottle of the hand lotion will sell for $68.

Ready to smell amazing? The sets will go on sale in all SoulCycle studios starting December 8, and the roll-out for the products in SoulCycle’s locker rooms will begin December 15, so check back then to begin showering like a French girl.