The Checkup: The Major Mistake You’re Making With Lemon Water

And other health news to read while drinking your morning tea.

 You’ve probably got a pretty potent anti-aging ingredient lying on your kitchen counter: Lemons. According to functional medicine doctor Taz Bhatia, Vitamin C is a key ingredient when it comes to keeping your skin lookin’ youthful (and it has its immunity-boosting perks, too). But it turns out a lot of those vitamins are housed in the peel — so instead of throwing it out after you make your morning lemon water, try zesting it and mixing it in with your kale and quinoa lunch salad. [MindBodyGreen]

• Any kind of leafy green is nutritious, but here’s a breakdown of which are best for everything from improving eye health to upping your endurance, and more. [Well + Good]

 Eggs are an all-star health food for their vitamins and protein, and they’re so simple to prepare. Here are five healthy ways to transform the breakfast staple for when your scrambles get boring. [Healthyish]

• Can you exercise yourself to death? Science says probably not, but exercise can heighten your risk for coronary artery calcification. [TIME]

Obesity rates are going up all over the world, and this could have a serious impact: Researchers have engineered proteins that have been found to lower bodyweight in some animals. [ScienceDaily]

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