The Checkup: Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• My commitment to my morning routine is often overruled by my commitment to “just one more minute of sleep, PLEASE.”  But one thing I never, ever skip is making my bed. It just makes me feel better about the rest of the day, like it’s 6:47 a.m. and I’ve already accomplished something. (Albeit a very small something.) And turns out, that might have something to do with it being a domino action, an action that triggers — in this case — further positive actions throughout the day. [Greatist]

• The secret to aging well? Paying attention to your eyebrows, a new study shows. [TIME]

• A legitimate reason to swear off your alarm clock forever: It could be screwing with your dreams, and dreams are actually very important. [The Cut]

Breakfast cookies are the stuff of dreams, and this version — made up of goodies like Greek yogurt, coconut flakes, flaxseeds, old-fashioned oats and more — is actually healthy. Read: Dreams do come true. [Healthyish]

• Fact: You’re sitting all wrong. Here’s how to get your posture in tip-top shape. [Well + Good]

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