The Checkup: This Brilliant Trick Will Change the Way You Make Pasta

And more reads to keep you healthy and happy.

Pasta lovers (so, everyone?), rejoice! The secret to concocting a super-creamy Alfredo-like pasta dish without cream, while also adding a serious protein punch? Hummus, folks. And chances are, you’ve already got some in your fridge. [MindBodyGreen]

• 95 percent of people consider themselves to be self-aware, but here’s why that’s problematic: Only 10 to 15 percent actually are. [The Cut]

• Who knew the making of vegan mayo could be so fascinating? The Atlantic’s profile of Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick delves deep into the (surprisingly … dark?) world of vegan mayo. [The Atlantic]

• FYI, ladies: Tampons can go bad — they typically expire about five years after production. [Women’s Health]

• Fans, check yourself this Sunday while watching the game: A new study examined the pulses of people watching sports in person and on TV and found that it produces a cardiac stress that’s equivalent to vigorous exercise, which could trigger serious heart problems. [TIME]

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