The Best Grab-and-Go Post-Workout Meals in Philly, According to Fitness Trainers

Feel free to refer to this list the next time post-workout "What should I eat?!" panic hits.

Avocado Smash at Bluestone Lane | Photo via Facebook

Finding a healthy, well-balanced and filling post-workout meal can be tricky — especially when that post-workout hunger (okay, hanger) hits and clouds your judgment. To help take the guesswork out of getting your hands on a good, easy post-workout meal, we asked eight folks who know the drill: Philly fitness trainers. Below, eight Philly fitness trainers share their go-to post-workout grab-and-go meals and snacks around Philly. So, next time you’re standing on the street, legs trembling after a sweat session, wondering, “What, OH WHATTTT, should I eat?!” refer to this list.

The Kate at Chhaya Cafe
1819 East Passyunk Avenue, East Passyunk 

“Chhaya Cafe has one of my favorite grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches and, thankfully, they serve it all day! The Kate (how appropriate) has scrambled eggs or tofu, oven-roasted tomato, smoked gouda, and arugula on seeded multigrain bread. Eggs are a great post-workout food, containing both protein and healthy fat necessary for muscle growth. Plus, this sandwich has fast-digesting carbs to help replenish muscle glycogen stores.” — Katie Gould, KG Strong

Iced Golden Latte and Avocado Smash with a Poached Egg at Bluestone Lane
Multiple locations

“A golden latte is made with a blend of turmeric, cayenne, and cinnamon. Turmeric, of course, has amazing health benefits including its anti-inflammatory properties, which is super-helpful after teaching so many classes throughout the week. For lunch, my favorite pick is the Avocado Smash with a poached egg. It’s a super balanced meal that leaves me full until dinner. The multigrain toast is spread with tahini, then topped with what seems like a whole avocado, heirloom tomatoes, and a poached egg. The healthy fats from the avocado and the protein of the egg make it a great choice for in between classes.” — Stephanie Grimes, Barre3

Salmon Citrus Soy Poke Bowl at Hai Street Kitchen
Multiple locations

“Yes, the poke bowl craze is still going strong. If you’re a big sushi fan like me, it’s the perfect alternative when you’re on the go after a hard workout. My favorite is the Salmon Citrus Soy because it has fresh salmon, pineapple, avocado, spring mix, and red radish — foods high in protein and omega-3’s to help your body recover after a tough session. Bonus: It’s less expensive than a pricey sushi dish and you can walk with it on the go! Now, that’s a win.” – Jordan Hankins, Fit Complex

Over-Easy Burger with Sweet Potato Wedges at Snap Kitchen
Multiple locations 

“Snap Kitchen’s grab-and-go meals are perfect for the everyday athlete or office warrior on the move. They provide a fresh variety of options to make sure my palate is always satisfied. For those who are macro crunchers, each meal is labeled with the macros for that specific item so you can stay on track with your diet — if you’re on one — or just be more knowledgeable about what you’re putting in your body. The over-easy burger is so good, satisfying and perfect for when I’m on the move.” — Osayi Osunde, Fit Academy

Build-Your-Own Salad at Sweetgreen
Multiple locations in Center City and the ‘Burbs

“Sweetgreen’s make-your-salad option lets me add avocado on top of my salad so I can spread it on my multigrain bread and eat it alongside the rest of my salad — which makes me feel like I am eating a sandwich AND a salad. The order-ahead and payment options on their app are so handy — I know my salad will be ready once I get there so I can just grab it and hit the road.” — Jen Crompton, Fuel Cycle Fitness

Mom’s PB&J Smoothie at Stripp’d Juice
263 North 3rd Street, Old City and 1428 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown

“Stripp’d is one of my favorite places. I just love their tasty shakes. The Mom’s PB&J — with a scoop of protein — is my go-to. The banana is a great source of simple carbs, which aids in replenishing the muscle glycogen that has been lost during the workout, and the protein, of course, helps with muscle growth.” — Fabiana Ferrarini, Fit with Fabi 

The Naked Chicken at Snap Kitchen
Multiple locations 

“Post-workout I’m either 100 percent hangry and ready for a full meal, or need a nice-sized snack to hold me over until I’m ready for a full entree. I love Snap Kitchen because they have so many wonderful options based on your specific nutritional goals. My go-to would be the Naked Chicken. It’s comes in two different sizes, is grilled to perfection, and has a nice balance of flavor.” — Jayel Lewis, JL Fitness and Inspirationally Fit

Lavender Cashew Shake at Sip-N-Glo Juicery
Multiple locations. 

“Post-workout, I want to feel light and strong, so I go to Sip-N-Glo for a Lavender Cashew shake. I have them go easy on the nut butters and add additional protein powder. The taste is unique and satisfying all in one. It zaps cravings and helps me to feel balanced after a solid sweat.” — Serena Scanzillo, SerenaFit


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