The Checkup: The Shaving Cream Substitute You Already Have in Your Shower

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• Your pricey shaving cream really isn’t necessary when you already have a perfectly good alternative in your shower: turns out, according to beauty industry pros, conditioner is the perfect substitute for shaving cream. [Women’s Health]

• With the opioid epidemic on the rise, it’s welcome news that, according to a new report, most Americans prefer this natural remedy of pain relief over prescription painkillers. [Well + Good]

• Good news for any of us who ever felt like punching a wall, screaming into a pillow, or angry crying: A new study shows that anger can sometimes be good for you. [NBC News]

Belly bloat? Cramps? Stomach ache? Join the club. Here’s how to find relief for all of your below-the-belt woes — naturally. [RealSimple]

• A new study found that if you’re in a relationship, you probably taste food differently than your single friends. [TIME]

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