The Checkup: The Daily Exercise You Should Be Doing (But Aren’t)

And more reads to keep you healthy and happy this week.

• We hear you: You’ve already penciled all your workouts for the week into your calendar. (And we applaud you.) Still, there’s one type of exercise you probably aren’t doing, and you may want to start: facial exercise. Yes, as in a workout for your face, designed to halt signs of aging. Hey, it’s cheaper than Botox, right? [Byrdie]

• You’re about to feel really guilty for flipping out on your S.O. when they dropped the Chemex, i.e. the maker of your lifeblood. Turns out making coffee without a coffee maker is actually really easy. [Grub Street]

• Training for the Philadelphia Marathon? Here’s how much running a marathon really costs you. Or: Your financial incentive to really kill it. [TIME]

• What your home is missing, according to a technology expert: Phone-free spaces. Can we get an amen to that? [The Atlantic]

• We knew this was coming: All the Halo Top flavors ranked. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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