Ploome Is Opening a Tree-Surrounded Pop-Up Studio in Washington Square Park

Well, this makes for way better mid-sweat scenery than studio walls, don’t you think?

Photo credit: Joe Perri Photography

Washington Square Park in the fall is the Gigi Hadid of outdoor spaces. In other words: It’s freakin’ perfect, what with all the green speckled with the burnt orange and deep reds of the changing leaves. So when we got word that Ploome Pilates is opening what they’re calling an “outdoor studio” in the park — complete with Pilates reformers and a long lineup of classes — this month, we thought one thing: Brilliant. (Second thought: They should definitely serve post-sweat pumpkin spice lattes.)

Here’s the deal: Starting this weekend, Ploome will be setting up a pop-up equipment Pilates studio, dubbed Ploome in the Park, in Washington Square Park on Saturdays and Sundays, complete with 12 Pilates reformers. They’ll be leading everything from Pilates Reformer classes to Prenatal Pilates Reformer classes to Postnatal Pilates Reformer classes. Owner Christina Stoltz tells us that for the month of September, the class schedule will only run on Saturdays and Sundays, then starting in October, they’ll be holding classes every day. If the classes are in high demand, they will up their number of reformers to 24 per class.

Can you think of a more lovely fall workout? We’ll wait. 

But what about when the fall weather, well, isn’t so lovely? Well, as Stoltz tells us, on days when the weather isn’t cooperating (read: it’s less sweater weather, more puffy-coat weather), the classes will take a bootcamp/city run-format, starting in Washington Square Park and ending at Ploome’s Northern Liberties’ studio, which recently expanded. If it’s raining (or worse, snowing), classes will simply be relocated to the Northern Liberties location. Stoltz says the outdoor studio is expected to run for at least the next two years. 

Okay, so, let’s get into how you can get in on one of Ploome’s outdoor classes: They’re kicking things off this weekend with a lineup of charity classes in the park to support Houston residents affected by Hurricane Harvey, with all proceeds going to Direct Relief. After this weekend, Ploome in the Park officially opens; if you’ve never taken a class with Ploome, your first class will be free, and if you have taken a class at Ploome before, your first Ploome in the Park class is $20 (just use the promo code “PARKPILATES”). After that, each class is $36. You can check out the schedule here. Be warned, though: We’re thinking this whole outdoor-studio thing will probably ruin boring ol’ indoor fitness studios for you.

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