The Checkup: How You’re Sabotaging the Results of Your Pricey SoulCycle Class

And more healthy reads for your Thursday.

• If you’ve ever walked out of a SoulCycle class dripping sweat but still thinking, “That wasn’t so hard,” you probably weren’t doing it quite right. Here, SoulCycle instructor Jera Foster-Fell dishes on how to tweak your ride to make sure you don’t sabotage your results. [Well + Good]

• Uh-oh: Backyard chickens have been linked with a widespread salmonella outbreak. Ick. []

• Cool! The Barnes and Indego have teamed up on 20 sweet art-wrapped bikes. [Metro]

“I love the connection I have with myself every time I take a yoga class. It’s a very nice remembering, remembering the parts of me. You know what I mean?” Why, yes, Erykah Badu. We do know what you mean. [The Cut]

• Interesting! Research suggests fasting could help you steer clear of jet lag. [TIME]

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