The Checkup: Um, Breast Milk Sugar Could Be the Next Big Health Trend

Plus, other hump day health news of interest to you.

• If you’re looking to up your gut-health game, you may want to keep an open mind about this one: Human milk sugars, most commonly found in breast milk, apparently slay the game at increasing good gut bacteria. A California-based startup is working to produce these sugars as supplements or as an additive — for kombucha or yogurt, for example — in an effort to improve the quality of infant formulas AND the heath of adults, as well. [Fast Company]

•  Nomophobia: that’s the technical term for phone separation anxiety. A recent study linked specific behaviors to heightened nomophobia, specifically using your phone as a tool for storing, sharing and reliving personal memories — which put your phone in the position as an extension of yourself. A good place to start? Perhaps a social media detox. [Health]

• Multitasking is key in this hectic life, so you utilize your personal time to catch up: you check emails before bed, you check Facebook while you’re, erm, on the toilet and now you can work out while scrolling through Instagram. #winning. [Well and Good]

• Step aside, quinoa, there’s a new trendy grain in town. Meet farro. Here are seven easy and yummy ways to incorporate this filling whole grain into your routine. [SELF]

Adios, plastic water bottles! Here’s how you can make your own edible water bottle with the help of science. [POPSUGAR]

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