The Checkup: The Healthy Foods to Blame for a Bloated Belly

And more must-know info to kickstart your weekend!

• If the last thing you want to worry about during your beach weekend is an uncomfortable bloated belly, you may want to steer clear of these foods and drinks — think: bubbly drinks (hey, LaCroix) and cruciferous veggies — healthy as they may be. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Three words, people: pumpkin spice matcha. It’s a thing. Go ahead, lose your damn mind. [Well + Good]

• The term anti-aging has officially gotten the beach-body treatment, with Allure banning it from its content. [Byrdie]

• Before you go to happy hour, read this: A new study shows a serious uptick in problem-drinking behavior. [Science of Us]

• Because the more you know: A surprising number of people injure themselves while grooming their, ahem, nether regions. [The Cut]

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