The Checkup: How This Common Weight-Loss Tactic Is Backfiring on You

And more healthy reads for your Wednesday.

• Just typing the words “counting calories” makes me die a little inside. It makes eating sound like … work. Yuck. And good news: Nutrition pros say you’re probably better off not obsessively counting calories if you’re trying to lose weight, for a whole slew of reasons. To name a few, it’s impossible for calorie counts to be truly accurate (which means the tactic can backfire and lead you to over-consume calories), and it distracts from what’s actually important when it comes to food (think: getting protein and healthy fats). [Furthermore]

• Here, a writer tries the morning routine of five super-successful folks (Oprah and Obama make the cut), so you don’t have to. [Man Repeller]

Uber just got a bit better at helping you multitask: You can now crab a Korean sheet mask for your ride from select drivers. Yes, please! [The Cut]

• Well, this might get your S.O. to actually eat their veggies: New research shows that women think men who eat lots of fruits and vegetables smell better than those who load up on refined carbs. Science, am I right? [NPR]

• Mmmmmm: This iced golden milk gets you your anti-inflammatory turmeric fix, making it the perfect thing to chug after a hard workout. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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