The Checkup: 4 Popular Exercises That Are a Waste of Your Time

Plus, other tips to keep you fit and healthy.

• If crunches are your go-to ab move, you’re going to want to rethink your workout routine. Here, trainers dish on why crunches, lat pulls and more aren’t worth your time — or worse, are dangerous — and what you should swap ’em out for. [Well + Good]

• Here, how to not be miserable when you’re, well, miserable. [NBC News]

• To make shopping the meat section of the grocery store a little easier, here are the labels you actually need to pay attention to, and the ones that don’t mean much. [mindbodygreen]

• Constantly grabbing for a cup of water? Here, five reasons you can’t quench your thirst that have nothing to do with dehydration. [Women’s Health]

Starbucks is now serving beef jerky in coffee. Do with this information what you will. [Well + Good]

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