The Checkup: How to Fall Asleep When You Can’t Shut Your Brain Off 

And more tips to keep you sane and healthy today.

• We all have those unbearable nights when we can’t seem to shut our brains off no matter how freakin’ hard we try. But, because under-eye bags aren’t the cutest of accessories, here: experts spill their tips for how to get some shut-eye when your brain will not shut up. [Science of Us]

• A new study out of Cornell, published in Appetite, found that your crappy taste buds could be to blame for a tight waistband. [Futurity]

• Calling all dudes! A new study points to a link between high sugar intake and depression in men. In other words: Put down the extra-sweet caramel macchiato. [The Guardian]

• Four words, friends: smoked salmon breakfast salad. I.e. what you’ll be eating for breakfast for the foreseeable future. [Bon Appetit]

• Beyoncé and Jay Z are reportedly big into bouncing around on bikes at SoulCycle. The couple that sweats together … well, you know how it goes. [Well + Good]

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