The Checkup: The Essential Part of the Weight-Loss Equation You’re Probably Ignoring

And other noteworthy health tips.

• If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably super on top of what you’re eating, but research suggests that when you eat is also important. [Men’s Health]

• The latest trend in the world of the Paleo diet? Raw meat. Really. [Byrdie]

• Cue the yawns: Wondering why you feel completely wiped out after just, well, sitting at your desk all day? Here, why you’re so darn tired after a day spent working your desk job. [Science of Us]

• Struggling to kick your carb addiction? You’re not alone. [The New York Times]

• Trying to get your digestive health under control? Here’s your cheat sheet to tackle your gut health for good. [mindbodygreen]

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