13 Stylish Water Bottles You Won’t Mind Lugging Around

Your hydrated and happy skin will thank you.

From left to right: Corkcicle water bottle; bkr water bottle; S’well water bottle.

Gone are the days of clunky stainless steel canteens and Nalgene bottles. Like leggings, water bottles have become less just-for-function and more functional and stylish accessory. Below, 13 of our favorite stylish water bottles out there, to help you stay hydrated all summer long. (Pro tip: Upgrade your water bottle benefits by throwing one of these skin-friendly water infusions in it.)

Spiked Naked bkr Bottle

The Investment: $40.
The Lowdown: These cute glass bottles come with a silicone sleeve, are small enough to throw in a purse, and are probably the cheapest way for you to feel like you’re a Victoria’s Secret model.

16 oz. Corkcicle Canteen

The Investment: $27.95.
The Lowdown: These quirky-shaped water bottles are triple-insulated and designed to keep drinks hot or cold for between 12 and 25 hours. Our pick is the sleek brushed copper color.

9 oz. Florist Water Bottle

The Investment: $18.
The Lowdown: This water bottle, courtesy of everyone’s favorite clothing and home goods store, Anthropologie, is probably the cutest way to stay hydrated.

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

The Investment: $24.99.
The Lowdown: This glass water bottle is dishwasher safe (hello, convenience), and the pretty silicone sleeve isn’t just for looks  it prevents breakage, too.

Refresh Hot/Cold Water Bottle

The Investment: $38.
The Lowdown: You can always count on Lululemon to bring you the best of the best when it comes to workout gear. Now they’ve made a water bottle you can use for hot and cold drinks, and they didn’t skimp on thoughtfulness. Case in point: The lid is multifunctional. So, you can either press down on the lid and sip from it like a thermos, or unscrew the cap to get your water fix.

12 oz. MyHydro

The Investment: $34.
The Lowdown: Hydro Flask never fails when it comes to keeping your water extra icy  I’m talking about the kind of icy where the bottle’s been in the sun for 12 hours and the ice cubes you tossed in that morning are still frozen. And now, you can customize your Hydro Flask for a stylish, color-blocked upgrade so you don’t look like you’re, well, going camping for two weeks.

Bobble Gold Leaf Insulated Bottle

The Investment: $24.99.
The Lowdown: Because nothing says summer like pineapple print, right? This bad boy is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and leakproof.

9 oz. Palm Beach S’well

The Investment: $25.
The Lowdown: With S’well water bottles, you’ll have ice-cold water for hours, look stylish, and feel good about what the company’s doing: They’re doing major good working to bring Madagascar clean drinking water through their partnership with UNICEF USA.

Glacce Crystal Elixir Rose Quartz Water Bottle

The Investment: $84.
The Lowdown: If you’re trying to become more intentional in your life, this oh-so-pretty (and oh-so-expensive) water bottle is for you. Crystals are the buzziest item in the wellness world right now and the folks at Glacce say their water bottles energize your water with the crystal’s properties. (We’re rolling our eyes, too — but hey, whatever makes you feel best!)

Thrive Water Bottle

The Investment: $12.99.
The Lowdown: This cute water bottle screams simplicity. Weighing in at one pound (totally packable), this bamboo and glass water bottle with a loop handle brings you style and function.

Natural Life Sunshine Water Bottle

The Investment: $28.
The Lowdown: Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote givin’ you a little extra motivation whenever you grab for your water bottle? Natural Life has got you covered with double-wall insulated water bottles complete with Pinterest-worthy inspo.

Sol Water

The Investment: $12.99.
The Lowdown: These water bottles are fit for a mermaid. Plus, the company claims to have some pretty cool science behind their design. Apparently, when sun rays hit the blue glass, they kickstart a color-therapy process that energizes your water. The effects? Stress relief, lower blood pressure, and more, they say.

Soma Glass Water Bottle

The Investment: $30.
The Lowdown: Soma is sleek. You will definitely look put together with this glass and bamboo bottle peeping out of your purse. This water bottle gets bonus points for its strides for sustainability.

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