The Checkup: Why People Are Talking About This $100 Sports Bra

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• A truly good sports bra, that doesn’t cut into you when you work out and actually provides support without suffocating you, can be hard to come by. That, it seems, is why women who spend much of their lives sweating are intrigued by Lululemon’s new sports bra, the Enlite, which runs at a pricey $98 and comes in 20 different sizes. And it’s got people talkin’ — first Well + Good gave it a rave review, and now two editors over POPSUGAR give it double thumbs up. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

Bagged salad kits: The lazy person’s shame-inducing yet awesome dinner dream come true. [Bon Appétit]

• ACK! These terrifying photos will make you think twice about your DIY essential oil-infused body lotion. [Health]

• What’s more worth your time: indoor cycling or taking to the open road? [Greatist]

• In news that’s not really news: Phones are turning us into inattentive jerks and ruining our relationships. Here’s how to, well, not be a phone-obsessed absentee friend. [New York Times]

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