The Checkup: Why Oatmeal Shouldn’t Be Your Automatic Healthy Breakfast Pick

And more morning reads to keep you in tip-top shape this week!

• Interesting! BuzzFeed asked dietitians and healthy-eating experts to choose the best breakfast picks from a ton of fast-food restaurants’ menus and it turns out, oatmeal — the item always slapped on the menu for the healthy folks — isn’t always the answer. They noted that in some cases (ahem, McDonald’s and Burger King), the dish boasts way too much sugar and not enough protein, making an egg sandwich a better bet. So remember that next time you get stuck at the airport, flight delayed, at an ungodly hour of the morning. [BuzzFeed]

• Well, this is extremely upsetting. Walmart just recalled salad mix after a — wait for it — dead bat (ewwwww) was found in a box of the greens. [Fortune]

• You’ve got a new running trail to tackle: Delaware County just got a brand-spankin’-new 2.8-mile paved creekside trail. []

• Could running be the answer to the addiction crisis? Here, one recovering alcohol and drug addict — now a devoted runner — talks to a number experts who explain how running can dramatically aid the addiction recovery process. [Runner’s World]

• On the dairy-free train? Here you go: 14 dairy-free dinners that are on your plate in under 15 minutes. [Well + Good]

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