The Checkup: The Healthy Food Trends You’re About to See Everywhere

And more morning reads for your Friday!

• If you follow every health-obsessed, acai bowl-Instagramming food blogger alive like I do, then you are well aware of the fact that Expo West, a giant healthy-food expo where companies showcase their latest creations, went down in Los Angeles last week. Here, the Well + Good team predicts, based on what they saw there, the seven healthy food trends — from mushrooms in everything to specialty canned and bottled coffees (hey, La Colombe Draft Latte) — we’re about to see all over the place. [Well + Good]

Pink noise is the new white noise — at least when it comes to improving sleep. [TIME]

• Womp, womp: A new study finds a link between marijuana use and risk of stroke. [Huffington Post]

• A life lesson: When a dietitian says ramen noodles make for the perfect post-workout meal, you don’t ask questions. [Outside]

• Here’s a seemingly counterproductive way to battle situational stress that actually isn’t: think of the worst-case scenario. [Science of Us]

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